Driveway, patio & paths cleaning service

We are your local driveway, patio & path cleaning specialist.

There are many reasons to call Pro Clean IT, whether its to simply enjoy the clean, bright appearance of your home or business. Or maybe you feel due to the poor weather conditions in this country it has become slippery and pressure washing will remove away these hazards from your driveway / patio etc. Getting your outdoor hard services cleaned can actually help give your property a lasting impression.

Driveway Cleaning Service.

For a professional driveway and patio clean, we can clean and seal patios, paths and driveways using a 4000 psi Honda Petrol Pressure Washer. More powerful and as a result will allow us to work much faster.


Oil stains in most cases can be removed. Even in very extreme cases the stains can be significantly reduced by just one treatment. We use a professional grade heavy duty cleaner that really packs a punch. We will be happy to quote you for this service and can offer a competitive price.

Patio Cleaning Service.





When looking their best, patios can enhance any garden. However a dirty, poorly maintained patio will not only look unattractive it too can also pose a risk during the autumn and winter seasons with a build up of moss, lichen and algae becoming very slippery.The rotary high pressure washing system ensures a spotlessly clean result every time, leaving surfaces fungus free and totally intact. Proclean.IT have the capability to clean most hard surface to an 'as new' condition. This will be discussed fully during our initial inspection for your no obligation quotation. Don't worry if your patio is excessively dirty, any mess created will be removed on completion of the work.

Does your patio require cleaning but you have loose, damaged or un-even flags or blocks. We offer a full restoration package, re-laying of sunken patio stones and block paving, taking out old joints and replacing. We are able to offer a competitive price.

Decking & Wooden Furniture Cleaning

Decking & Wooden Furniture Cleaning.

Decking & Wooden furniture is best cleaned by jet or rotary cleaning, but at a lower pressure than stone surfaces to prevent damage to timber. Green moulds often make decks treacherously slippy. We can again offer to replace any rotten or unsound timber parts.

To be able to give an accurate quote we need to assess the amount of work required to your driveway, path & patios and will arrange a suitable time to visit your home.....

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